What About My Gutters?

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What About My Gutters?
Written By: Matt Holmes ~ 10/11/2020

There is not a “good” or “bad” type of gutter. Most gutters you see on houses are all primarily the same type of gutter. The best thing to do is to make sure they are in good shape or the wood facia (the wood underneath the gutter) is not rotting. This will cause the gutters to sag usually away from the down spout which creates pooling and over-flowing.

Gutter covers can work depending on where you live. If you live under a lot of trees and don’t tend to the tops of the gutter cover, they can often get clogged up or even start growing moss on top and the water will flow right off the side. If you live in a place with little to no tree coverage, they work great. Ecomoss have taken them off for some customers in the past who opted for us to clean the gutters twice a year.

We can fix clogged downspout. It is usually just a screw or two to remove it from the gutter and empty it out. Most people can do this on their own as long as they have a ladder and a cordless drill. As far as damaged gutters we do not replace those.

For the area we live in, we recommend gutters be cleaned at least every 6 months or as often as needed.

Call today to set up a regular six month gutter cleaning!


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