Top 5 Things to Know About Moss

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Top 5 Things to Know About Moss
Written By: Matt Holmes ~ 8/17/2020

There are lot of different types of moss and a lot to know when maintaining a home.  Here are some fun facts about moss in the Pacific NorthWest!

• There are over 10,000 species of moss worldwide. The top three that you may recognize on your roof are, Roly-Poly moss, Spindly Moss and Furry Moss. Each of these can do damage to your roof, but if taken care of properly, can be avoided throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest.

• Moss does not have roots. Moss belongs to a group called Bryophytes which means that anything part of this groups has no roots,BLOGPOST_GrowingMoss.jpg leaves or stems. This group is are flowerless plants that grow in clumps. With no stems or roots to soak up water, you will find them in moist places so they can continue to grow.

• Moss is anchored by rhizoids, which look like tiny roots. Rhizoids are a thread like structure but do not absorb water or nutrients.

• Moss gets its nutrients from rainwater, dew, fog, and sunlight. They may get nutrients from the top layer of soil if they are touching it.

• Mosses do not produce pollen, seeds or flowers. They have a gametophyte (also called spore). This spore has their own stem, which grows and then off that, they grow buds, and that is how moss reproduces.

If you do not want to tackle moss head on by yourself, you can contact us for a free estimate on your moss and your roof!!

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